Celebrating 50 Years

TechnoServe was founded in 1968 to help hardworking people in the developing world lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty.

We proudly celebrate fifty years of impact and millions of lives transformed through the power of private enterprise. As we reflect on all that TechnoServe has accomplished together with our supporters, partners, and enterprising people around the world, we are excited to catalyze even greater change in the years ahead.

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50th Anniversary Gala

October 10, 2018
New York City

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TechnoServe provides support to enterprises in five countries

TechnoServe, which is now operating on a budget over $1 million, begins operations in El Salvador and is now providing technical support to five countries across Africa and Latin America. Staff begin to expand services to larger enterprises across diverse sectors in an effort to generate greater impact for more people in the communities where they work.

El Salvador hosts first-ever national business plan competition

TechnoServe and local partners lead ¡Emprende tu Idea!, El Salvador’s first-ever national business plan competition, and TechnoServe’s first large-scale competition in Latin America. The initiative provided finalists with mentoring and access to credit, helping to launch or expand 238 businesses and create 1,500 new jobs in multiple countries across Latin America.

TechnoServe is founded

After a year of volunteer service in Adidome, Ghana, Ed Bullard is captivated by the spirit and character of the Ghanaian people. With $15,000 and a desk in a New York City office building, he founds TechnoServe on a commitment “to promote – in the underdeveloped areas of the world – the establishment of viable commercial and industrial enterprises, which will most directly meet the needs of low-income groups for economic well-being and an improved standard of living.”


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The mission is to release and empower our neighbors... to help them throw off their burden of poverty and stand erect with a sense of their innate pride and dignity.
Ed Bullard
Founder, TechnoServe

Empower men and women to lift themselves out of poverty.

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