Celebrating 50 Years

TechnoServe was founded in 1968 to help hardworking people in the developing world lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty.

In 2018, we proudly celebrated fifty years of impact and millions of lives transformed through the power of private enterprise. As we reflect on all that TechnoServe has accomplished together with our supporters, partners, and enterprising people around the world, we are excited to catalyze even greater change in the years ahead.

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President Obama tours TechnoServe project in Ethiopia

President Obama visits Faffa Food plant, a business supported by TechnoServe and Partners in Food Solutions in Ethiopia, highlighting a unique public-private partnership that promotes nutrition and food security in Africa.

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TechnoServe boosts exports in Guatemala

TechnoServe opens country platforms in Guatemala and Nigeria, expanding operations to a total of 13 countries. In Guatemala, TechnoServe helps open the Flor Patzuner cooperative, supporting them to turn a profit of $20,000 through the export of nearly 500,000 of snow peas.

Bruce NcNamer becomes President and CEO

A former Peace Corps Volunteer, White House Fellow at the National Economic Forum, management consultant, and founder of technology startups, Bruce McNamer joins TechnoServe as President and CEO in 2004, where he serves for nine years in this role.

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Explore some of TechnoServe's defining moments from the last 50 years.

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My enduring reward is the work itself. It is in the eyes and smiles and embraces of the people we help edge toward a better life. It is in the spirit of generosity my colleagues share with me. It is in the learning and insight I get from listening to our clients.
Chairman, TechnoServe

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